Mi-Tu ADV DX 120x600

N. prodotto: Mi-Tu ADV DX 120x600

Stocks available
Delivery Time: 1 working day


MI-TU 120x600 ADV, the ADV  will be online for 1 WEEK [ 7 days ] from the date of service delivery.

You have to write in custimzation fase:

code :PA_BANNER_DX  for Palinsesto page https://www.mi-tu.it/public/Palinsesto.php
code :MI_BANNER_DX  for Milan page https://www.mi-tu.it/public/Milan.php
code :TR_BANNER_DX  for Trip page https://www.mi-tu.it/public/Trip.php
code :EV_BANNER_DX  for Event page https://www.mi-tu.it/public/Event.php

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